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Things to do in Rocky Point

Located in the northwest of Mexico, in the state of Sonora, Rocky Point is the perfect mix between the sea and the desert, since it is located on the coasts of the Gulf of California and belongs to the area of the great Altar desert, making its stay a unique experience.

Rocky Point exhibits the greatest virtues of its ecosystem, being a tourist area by excellence due to its flora, fauna, beaches, entertainment centers and recreational activities. Due to its proximity to the states of Arizona and California, the United States has earned a place in the heart of the American, being called “The Arizona Beach”. Let’s get to know the wonders of Rocky Point together:

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Imagine being on a desert adventure, crossing large spaces of warm sand and climbing majestic sand dunes, and when you reach its highest point, the view is towards the wonderful beach of the Gulf of California, making a spectacular contrast between the sea and the desert, with a sunset of cold blue tones and warm reds, characteristic of the Sonora region, is an enveloping, calming and revitalizing experience!

You cannot miss the opportunity to explore such beautiful landscapes in one place. Still not convinced? There’s still more!

Golf clubs

Rocky Point has three golf courses for lovers of “Ace”, an excellent opportunity to carry out a sports activity that is more than exhaustive and therapeutic. The climate and vegetation make Rocky Point an excellent place to develop this magnificent sport, accompanied by other fun and relaxation activities.

Pinacate Reserve

Do you want to meet one of the 13 wonders of Mexico? Let’s go together to the Pinacate Biosphere Reserve and the Great Altar Desert! Located north of Rocky Point, it is formed by amazing volcanic craters covered in black lava, surrounded by the dunes of the Altar desert, which are inhabited by extensive biodiversity. In 2013 it received from UNESCO the distinctive of world heritage of humanity, being a protected natural area for its unique value, visual beauty and magical energy that surrounds it.


Welcoming with its symbolic whale skeleton, the Intercultural Center for the Study of Deserts and Oceans (CEDO) is a center dedicated to the investigation of marine biodiversity, oceans, and the desert, however, they have various programs that cover the population of Rocky Point to strengthen culture and community well-being, actions such as sustainable fishing and aquaculture, education programs and eco tours that include boating, bird watching, snorkeling on Isla San Jorge (Bird Island) visits to the pinacate and the desert dunes, among others.

San Jorge Island – Bird Island

There’s still more? Of course! It is impossible to miss the wonders that San Jorge Island, also known as Las Aves Island, is located south of Las Conchas beach, it was decreed a federal reserve in 1978 and has an immense diversity of birds and sea lions, the which will be swimming next to you when doing any of the fun activities such as diving, snorkeling, kayaking or paddleboarding that the Island has for you.


Born in 1930 as a fishing area, Rocky Point is an ideal destination for practicing sport fishing, since it has more than 80 kilometers of beach, temperate waters, large estuaries and a wide biodiversity of marine species that inhabit the area. It is undoubtedly an excellent hobby for those who want to get out of the routine, in addition to professionals, there are fishing tournaments such as the “Angler of the Year” that is held twice a year in June and October.