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Puerto Peñasco, also referred to as Rocky Point, is located in the State of Sonora in the Country of Mexico. We are 66 miles from the U.S. border and on the Sea of Cortez. Rocky Point is a scenic 4-hour drive from Phoenix and Tucson, AZ. and recently with new coastal highway, less than a 3 hr. drive from California. The U.S. Dollar is accepted city wide.

Rocky Point offers a variety of activities from parasailing to deep sea fishing to shopping and has a fabulous condominium development, Caracoles Homes.



Brief History

Rocky Point started as a fishing village in the 1930's and gradually developed into one of the major shrimp producing areas in the Sea of Cortez.During the Prohibition era in the US, an enterprising businessman, Johnny Stone, visited Puerto Peñasco (Rocky Point). Realizing the potential of this village to attract wealthy Americans to vacation and fish, Stone built the town's first hotel, drilled a well, and opened for business.

But it was not until years later when it was slowly discovered by some Americans as an alternative for retirement and vacation.Puerto Peñasco could have been an Arizona seaport.

The United States Congress paid $10 million for the territory that now makes up the southern portions of New Mexico and Arizona, in a deal known as the Gadsden Purchase. One of the original plans of the Purchase included the northern Baja seaport as part of Arizona, but negotiations between the two countries eventually pared it down to the state's present-day borders.

Rocky Point was long a sleepy fishing village, not discovered in a big way by tourists until the '50s as a quick beach getaway by car. Fishing and tourism remain Rocky Point's most important industries.


An interesting and unusual feature of the Puerto Peñasco area is the extreme tides produced in the area. In Cholla Bay, 5 miles from the heart of Rocky Point, the difference between low and high tides can be as much as 24 feet.

Also nearby is Mount Pinacate, home of nine major volcanic craters and more than 400 volcanic vents. In the early '70s, Apollo astronauts trained for their moon-walks on this mountain.


Population: About 44,000. A large tourist and RV population fluctuates all year.

Climate/Rainfall: Rocky Point's dry, desert climate is sunny almost year-round with an average of 2 inches per year of rainfall.

Average high/low temperatures:

December to February - 67/41
March to May - 80/62 
June to August - 98/71
September to November - 85/64




Pesos, though everyone will take American dollars. Not all restaurants or shopkeepers take credit cards.

Time Zone:

Mountain Standard Time - the same as Arizona.

Distance to Rocky Point from:

Los Angeles .......... 441 miles
Lukeville, AZ ........ 68 miles
Phoenix …............. 215 miles
San Diego, CA ........ 321 miles
Tucson, AZ ........... 216 miles
Yuma, AZ ............. 162 miles

Click on the any of the above maps to view a rocky point map. 

Telephone codes:

From outside the country, dial 011-52-638, then the 7-digit number. Inside Rocky Point, dial only the 7-digit number, like in the United States.

Getting there

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From Phoenix, Tucson, and California - click this link to see detailed directions

Driving tips

U.S. driver's licenses are valid in Mexico.

Mexican auto insurance is required, and can be purchased in the border town of Lukeville, or prior to your trip in Phoenix or Tucson.


Bring them if you have them, but they aren't required in the "free zone," as far south as Cholla Bay. Photo identification is required. Children's birth certificates, though not required, should be in the car just in case citizenship comes into question at the border.

Upcoming Events in Rocky Point, Mexico:

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